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Writing Links

These links are offered to help you with your writing. We make no guarantees of accuracy of the information contained within the pages linked.

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Writing Associations

  • Canadian Authors Association — our national association.
  • Federation of BC Writers — An organization of B.C. professional and emerging writers, writing in all genres.

Other Listings

  • CAA National’s Listing of Writing Associations includes links to national, provincial, local and specialized groups.

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  • CAA National Conference is held annually, in varying locations.
  • Surrey International Writing Conference — Annual international writing conference held in Surrey, BC in October.

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  • CAA Contests are run by both the National Association and individual branches.
  • CAA Literary Awards — Contacts and information about the annual awards presented to Canadian authors by the Canadian Authors Association.
  • Canadian Contest Calendar — Annual publication with detailed information on Canadian-based writing contests and awards, organized month by month according to deadline dates, published by White Mountain Publications.

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  • SFU Writing & Publishing Program — Diverse courses and certificate programs at SFU Vancouver and SFU Surrey, including Summer Publishing Workshops on the Harbour Centre campus. Courses range from freestanding to those that are part of a certificate program.
  • UBC Creative Writing Program — UBC offers workshops and tutorials in all the major literary and dramatic genres at both the graduate (MFA) and undergraduate (BFA & Diploma) levels. Includes Booming Ground, a series of workshops and mentorships in creative writing.
  • Vancouver Film School offers a proven education for everything in the entertainment industry, including screenwriting.
  • West Coast Screenwriting offers workshops that teach you to write for the movies. Strongly recommended by Anthony Dalton

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  • AbeBooks — Search for new & used books. At AbeBooks.com their mission is to help people find and buy any book from any bookseller anywhere.
  • Access Copyright — Source for Canadian (and worldwide) copyright information. Find out about copyright and register your books, articles, and more.
  • Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia lists all BC Book Publishers
  • Association of Canadian Publishers — Canadian publishers
  • BC BookWorld Database — A database with information about nearly 9,000 B.C. authors
  • Beacon Literary Services offers products and services for writers seeking commercial and self-publication for their books and/or articles.
  • Books Canada includes news about Canadian books, information about prize winners, new books, etc.
  • CAA National’s Writing Links has a series of pages with extensive links to literary and information sites. An excellent array of writing resources on the Web.
  • Canadian Writing Guide (13th edition) — Useful and informative guide published by the Canadian Authors Association.
  • Library and Archives Canada is Canada’s national collection of books, historical documents, government records, photos, films, maps, music and more.
  • Pandora’s Collective — A group of BC poets who offer workshops, courses, contests, and sponsored readings.
  • Public Lending Rights — Information on eligibility and registration for PLR. Web site of Canada’s Public Lending Rights Commission. NB: New registrations are accept only during the period February 15 to May 1 of each year.
  • Word on the Street — Celebrate the joy of reading. Free event held annually on last Sunday in September in Vancouver and in Library Square.
  • Writer Beware — Background information on book doctors, contest and vanity anthologies, copyright, electronic publishing, electronic rights, literary agents, print on demand, subsidy and vanity publishers, and writer alerts.
  • Writing Contracts information on CAA National’s Web site.

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Adding Your Information

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Updated: October 17, 2012